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Let’s start with this… our house has been transformed into a work of art. We went from a house where everything that could possibly be painted, was painted blue, to a house with amazing contrast. We changed just about everything on the exterior of the house (siding, windows, doors & garage doors), making the before and after about as dramatic as it could possibly be. So much so, that people stop and take pictures, and that’s not a joke. We can’t thank the owner Jeremy enough for all of his hard-work because the finished product is simply amazing.

The existing cedar shake siding was replaced with vinyl shake all around. We also went with mitered corners, which was a decision that Jeremy had encouraged. At the end of the project, we realized that he was 100% right about that. The decision about the siding color was a breeze. We had an idea about the color we wanted, and Jeremy mentioned that a brand new color was coming out soon and we should take a look before deciding. When we met with him the next day, he had already called the company and had a sample overnighted for us to see. Sure enough, this was exactly what we were looking for.

We decided to replace the windows, mostly because of the inefficiency of the original single-pane windows. We went with Harvey Tribute’s and we love the classic look and design. Jeremy suggested this series over other options we were considering, and again, he was right about that. Also, the custom window trim that his guys made on the job site, are really nice. Jeremy explained how they wrap the windows to create the channel for the siding, which leaves it with a really clean look.

The two front doors that we picked are what make our house really stand out. We knew we wanted a craftsman style door, but were a little apprehensive about going with a bold color. Jeremy suggested that we go for it. We went with the “persimmon” red color, and it was the best decision we made for the whole project. Yes they are bold, but still tasteful to go with our colonial house. We also had his guys custom-build the door surround, which really gives it a great contrast against the “cast-iron” color siding.

The garage doors, originally also blue, were replaced with white carriage style doors and custom-built azek surrounds. This was mostly Jeremy’s vision, and WOW, they look ridiculously good!!!

As the project was being planned, we decided to have Jeremy convert our sunroom into a more usable space. Jeremy’s ideas were exactly what we had envisioned. We now have a beautiful room that has turned into a kid’s playroom.

Our choice to have Jeremy do the work will never be second-guessed. He made the process for us as relaxing as possible. Every time that we had a question before and during the job, I knew that if I texted or called Jeremy, I would get a quick response. During the project, our girls (2 and 5 years old) would wake up and ask when “the boys” are coming. Jeremy’s crew was always on time and ready to work! When we left in the morning, our girls would have to go see “the boys” and make sure they said bye.

The best part about choosing Sensible Home Products is that even though Jeremy was just a contractor that I figured would come do the job and go on his way, he has become a friend.

I will say this… we had some cheaper quotes and some that were so high they were laughable. At the end of the day, we went with Jeremy because he was the most honest with what he was going to do. The other guys wanted to cut some corners and use cheaper materials, even ones that were going to cost more. We just felt comfortable knowing exactly what we were getting. I would tell everyone who is looking for siding, windows and doors to go with Sensible Home Products. It sounds a little silly, but they really did make our dream come true.

Mike L. - Newington, CT

Reviewed on Yelp

I’ve had very few home improvement projects exceed my expectations, but the siding work Sensible Home did on my house did just that. Jeremy sat down with me to review every aspect of the project, from the type of siding and benefits of each to the small detail work around existing plugs and vents. He was patient with my every question (and there were many) and explained things in great deal. At the end of the day, my focus was not on price–although Sensible was competitive with the other vendors who gave me quotes–but on quality. At the end of the day, the project was delivered on and on budget and it made my house striking. The little things matter and every cut, trim piece, and accent speaks to the level of quality Jeremy and his people bring to their work. I could not be happier with the finished product and every one of my neighbors has complimented me on the look.

Jon F. - Southington, CT

Reviewed on Yelp

For those of you who don’t have the time to read this entire review, here’s the short version: excellent customer service and master craftsmen with a strong eye for detail. My house was transformed! Now for the detailed review. I met Jeremy (the owner) in January of this year as I was beginning my research into replacing my windows and adding siding to my 62-year-old house. I liked him from the start – and honestly was tempted to look no further, but due diligence is key for a project of this size and cost. So I met with the other big companies that are advertised on TV and was not impressed. They do not do the work themselves, they contract the work out to someone else. I did not want that. I wanted to know who was doing the work on my house. These representatives were just the sales people selling the services and not doing the actual work and providing a lesser product. No thank you! I had seen Jeremy’s portfolio of work and was very impressed, his employees do the work, and after reading 26 positive reviews on Angie’s List, I was certain that Jeremy was the guy for me. And he did not disappoint. His customer service is exceptional. We have all had our experiences with contractors. They don’t show up on time, you cannot reach them and it’s very frustrating. You call Jeremy, he answers. You text, he calls you right away. He checked in every day of my project. The windows and siding were delivered on time. We thought we’d have an issue with the delivery as I have a very narrow driveway and the siding was to be placed on my lawn by a big machine which barely fit. Jeremy was ready to grab a few men and do it by hand if necessary. No hesitation, this is what they will do. The delivery was fine in the end. The work began on time throughout the entire project. The windows were done in one day – I have 19 windows. The trim for the windows was just perfect. The attention to detail was amazing. The siding project began immediately following the windows; again, Vlad and Victor arrived on time and got so much accomplished each and every day. I was a bit freaked out when Jeremy called to tell me that the sill of the house (in the back) was destroyed by termites. However, he assured me it would be taken care of and it was, it was replaced. They see a problem, they fix it and keep going. Every detail is important. For example, the attic vent matches the color of the siding as does the frame surrounding the outside outlet and vent for my dryer. We got new gutters and downspouts and they put in a new roof on the small porch in the front. Basically, everything from the roof down is new and beautiful. The project is now complete and my home is stunning. Sensible Home Products will do all my future projects. They put pride in their work and their work is perfection. This isn’t about making money, it’s about making the homeowner happy. I am ridiculously happy. Thank you Jeremy, Vlad and Victor.

Jeanne B. - Wethersfield, CT

Reviewed on Yelp

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