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Fantastic Service! I can’t say enough about this great company. Our house was a dull brown, the wood was rotting in many places and had carpenter ants, carpenter bees, and some of the slats were falling off. Now our home is a beautiful midnight blue with stunning white trim! I can’t believe the transformation! These guys did a great job. Jeremy went above and beyond to find us a great deal on a front door and worked with our timing to complete the whole siding project. When they working on the south side of my house, they discovered that one of my windows was rotted out. Jeremy made several calls and was able to locate a replacement that day. Jeremy knew we were on a tight budget, so he worked us to find a solution to fit our home while still using a high-quality product. The workers were fast, efficient, and professional. I couldn’t believe how they were willing to work in frigid temperatures to complete the project in a timely manner. We are extremely pleased with the results. Though the prices seemed higher at first than some of the bids we received, we recognized the true value of what we were getting. In the end, Jeremy’s prices were comparable to some of the quotes we got that were for a lower quality product.

Lillian B.

Reviewed on Better Business Bureau

My house looks absolutely amazing, thanks to Jeremy and Sensible Home Products. Last winter, some siding came off of my house during a storm. I looked into several companies and the insulated siding that Sensible Home Products prefers was the best choice for my house. I decided to replace all of the siding and the windows, too. Jeremy said from the start that he delivers quality and he was entirely correct. He used quality materials and the men do quality work. I could not possibly have chosen a better company! My yard was cleaned up every day before they left. I never stepped on or saw a single dropped nail. Most importantly, my house is 150 years old and there were a few ‘surprises’ along the way. They did not ignore or cover up the issues with my roof and window frames, but took the time to fix them properly even though it extended the project time frame. Jeremy called or stopped by every single day to make sure I knew what progress was made and that I was happy with it. He knows what it takes to keep customers happy, but he was also very honest in helping me make the right decisions. I have received many compliments and people have actually stopped to comment on the beautiful improvements. I am so very pleased with the end result! Thank you, Sensible Home Products!


Reviewed on Better Business Bureau

Let’s start with this… our house has been transformed into a work of art. We went from a house where everything that could possibly be painted, was painted blue, to a house with amazing contrast. We changed just about everything on the exterior of the house (siding, windows, doors & garage doors), making the before and after about as dramatic as it could possibly be. So much so, that people stop and take pictures, and that’s not a joke. We can’t thank the owner Jeremy enough for all of his hard-work because the finished product is simply amazing. The existing cedar shake siding was replaced with vinyl shake all around. We also went with mitered corners, which was a decision that Jeremy had encouraged. At the end of the project, we realized that he was 100% right about that. The decision about the siding color was a breeze. We had an idea about the color we wanted, and Jeremy mentioned that a brand new color was coming out soon and we should take a look before deciding. When we met with him the next day, he had already called the company and had a sample overnighted for us to see. Sure enough, this was exactly what we were looking for. We decided to replace the windows, mostly because of the inefficiency of the original single-pane windows. We went with Harvey Tribute’s and we love the classic look and design. Jeremy suggested this series over other options we were considering, and again, he was right about that. Also, the custom window trim that his guys made on the job site, are really nice. Jeremy explained how they wrap the windows to create the channel for the siding, which leaves it with a really clean look. The two front doors that we picked are what make our house really stand out. We knew we wanted a craftsman style door, but were a little apprehensive about going with a bold color. Jeremy suggested that we go for it. We went with the “persimmon” red color, and it was the best decision we made for the whole project. Yes they are bold, but still tasteful to go with our colonial house. We also had his guys custom-build the door surround, which really gives it a great contrast against the “cast-iron” color siding. The garage doors, originally also blue, were replaced with white carriage style doors and custom-built azek surrounds. This was mostly Jeremy’s vision, and WOW, they look ridiculously good!!! As the project was being planned, we decided to have Jeremy convert our sunroom into a more usable space. Jeremy’s ideas were exactly what we had envisioned. We now have a beautiful room that has turned into a kid’s playroom. Our choice to have Jeremy do the work will never be second-guessed. He made the process for us as relaxing as possible. Every time that we had a question before and during the job, I knew that if I texted or called Jeremy, I would get a quick response. During the project, our girls (2 and 5 years old) would wake up and ask when “the boys” are coming. Jeremy’s crew was always on time and ready to work! When we left in the morning, our girls would have to go see “the boys” and make sure they said bye. The best part about choosing Sensible Home Products is that even though Jeremy was just a contractor that I figured would come do the job and go on his way, he has become a friend. I will say this… we had some cheaper quotes and some that were so high they were laughable. At the end of the day, we went with Jeremy because he was the most honest with what he was going to do. The other guys wanted to cut some corners and use cheaper materials, even ones that were going to cost more. We just felt comfortable knowing exactly what we were getting. I would tell everyone who is looking for siding, windows and doors to go with Sensible Home Products. It sounds a little silly, but they really did make our dream come true.

Mike L.

Reviewed on Better Business Bureau

Sensible Home Products, LLC Owner: Jeremey G***l I used several search engines out there to locate a contractors(s) to work with me to vinyl side my home and replacing all windows (18). It’s tough to locate a contractor that does both and presents a bid that is affordable. I was very fortunate to find Jeremy G****, Sensible Home Products, LLC; Owner and hands-on contractor who presented me with an honest bid that not only gave me choices on every decision to be made, but was also very upfront regarding cost and the possibility of additional challenges that may be facing me once the job starts. I was given a very fair price for the quality of product I decided to use; both with the siding and window choices. I have always been suspicious of contractors, having experienced poor quality of work and schedule overrides in the past. These doubts and fears have stemmed from past experience. Well, Jeremy and Sensible Home Products, LLC have renewed my faith in contractors as well as fair reliable business practices. There was some cost override with this job due to conditions that could not be foreseen until the removal process began. Jeremy kept me up-to-date on almost a daily basis via text, phone and pictures of the area(s) needing repair. It was an amazing experience to have this kind of support and status updates from my contractor. From the day I met with Jeremy to discuss the project until the day I put the key into my new front door I had and have full confidence in the person, the Company and the crew Jeremy has working with him. If you have a home project, big or small, I recommend giving Jeremy G**** and his company Sensible Home Products, LLC a shot at bidding it. When we initially met Jeremy showed me a few on-line reviews of his work and I thought, yeah, he could have written those, but I’m now happy to be one of his satisfied customers writing this review. Thanks for a stellar job Jeremy!


Reviewed on Better Business Bureau

We spoke with several contractors, but after meeting with Jeremy, we knew he was the person we wanted to work with. There was absolutely no pressure and he made several helpful suggestions we hadn’t thought of. He is personable and professional, goes the extra mile and does things properly. For just one example, he was the only contractor we spoke with that removes the existing siding before installing proceeding. If he hadn’t taken the old shingles off first and found and repaired the rot, we would have been looking at a much bigger, more expensive problem down the road. Jeremy checked in frequently to see if we had any questions or concerns and followed through right away if anything came up. His crew was terrific as well – courteous and professional and cleaned up every speck each night before they left. All in all, this was the best experience we have had working with a contractor. Highly recommend!

Melissa H.

Reviewed on Better Business Bureau

Short version – Sensible Home Products has done a phenomenal job on our home. We are so glad we found Jeremy and his high rating is definitely deserved. We had a roof, vinyl siding, door/window trim, a few windows, garage doors, and garage trim all completed by his team in quick order. I was very impressed with the crew’s professionalism and attention to detail. The work was completed quickly and afterwards there was no debris left to pick up. In fact, the dumpster was out of the driveway 30 minutes after the job was complete. Nice touch J. Long version – My neighborhood was hit with a freak hailstorm in Mid-May 2018. Tennis ball sized hail did a number to my house and every other house in a 2 mile radius. The very next day, the construction equivalent of ambulance chasers from all over the country converged and promised homeowners to fix it right. Big fancy trucks, matching uniforms, glossy pamphlets. Naturally suspicious of the convenience that they were selling I held off and met with local contractors and finally Jeremy (because of the high ratings). I am sure glad I waited. He laid everything out for me, showed me the quality of is work, suggested a few improvements within my budget and got right to work for us. Besides the quality of work I witnessed in pictures what really struck a chord with me was that his crew has been with him for years. It shows a lot of character in the construction business to have a crew work that many years for one general contractor. I could tell he cared about taking care of his crews and doing right by the customer. Fast forward 2 week before construction was to start and we had buyer’s remorse on the color choice for the home. I still feel bad but Jeremy really went to bat for us on siding already custom made for our job and got it switched to a different color. It wasn’t without some hardship so please, if you do decide on a color, stick to it. I’m not sure Jeremy could take another last minute change of that magnitude. Construction begins in early November. The construction crew shows up on time every day the weather permitted and even some days when it didn’t. They had many, many windows and doors that required trimming out and, if there’s one thing Jeremy takes greatest pride in, it’s the trim work. There was one gentleman bending metal full time each and every day on the job and I continue to be amazed at the quality of their work. Whereas most aluminum trim is flat, they actually made several bends in the metal to give it depth and pop out more. Additionally, we ponied up for the Azek trim around the garage doors and wow! what a difference. I get compliments daily on how great the doors and trim look. As a consequence of having such a great looking house with everything so well put together I now see other homes differently. You never recognize the poor craftsmanship and cut corners until you see great craftsmanship. I thought my house looked good and that’s why I bought it a few years ago. With the new siding/roof it made me realize how old and tired the house was. One last feather in Jeremy’s cap is that he is a great communicator. There may not have been a day over the past month that I haven’t spoken with him about the project. In comparison, my neighbor sent a large check to another contractor and has not been able to reach him for the past few weeks. In summary, the hailstorm was the worst/best thing to happen to this house and Sensible Home Products really went above and beyond in every facet of this construction project. Cheers Jeremy, great job.

Mike W.

Reviewed on Better Business Bureau

I hired Sensible Home Products to restore my 1922 garage. The garage was in pretty tough shape. It had some structural issues that needed correcting, it had very heavy, pull out carriage doors. Jeremy worked tirelessly to get the best craftsman on his team to do the job, Andrew Silva. They figured out the best way to handle the repairs that were needed and did them beautifully! Jeremy was very easy to work with and was mindful of my needs and the budget I was working with. He is honest and fair in his rates. The job was completed within the time frame Jeremy told me it would be. He kept me up to date throughout the project, even checking in on weekends! They cleaned up so well, you would never know they had been there. If you were to see they before and the after photos, you would never believe it was the same structure! Long story short, they did a phenomenal job!! I would very highly recommend Sensible Home Products for any construction from new builds, to remodels.

Sheila M.

Reviewed on Better Business Bureau

We recently had our siding done and couldn’t be happier. We had a conservative budget to work with, and the owner, Jeremy, was not only understanding, but worked with us to achieve our vision. He is personable, patient, experienced, and professional. His team is polite, efficient, tidy, and organized. We were thoroughly impressed with not only the company, but the process, as it was really a painless experience. We had gotten a few quotes from some other companies, but we felt Jeremy was by far the most trustworthy, affordable, and his work speaks for itself. We look forward to hiring Sensible Home Products again for future projects. 5 stars indeed!

Rachel G.

Reviewed on Better Business Bureau

Jeremy is the ultimate professional. Siding and gutters being put on home. Every day his crew arrived early and worked diligently all day, and then cleaned up the yard fully before they left. There wasn’t even so much as a nail on the ground. The work is superior as well as the products that he uses. Jeremy also checks and daily to make sure that I am happy with the work being done, and visited frequently to check on the work and talk with this crew and myself. The house looks stunning now that the work is completed. Very high recommendation for this company.


Reviewed on Better Business Bureau

For those of you who don’t have the time to read this entire review, here’s the short version: excellent customer service and master craftsmen with a strong eye for detail. My house was transformed! Now for the detailed review. I met Jeremy (the owner) in January of this year as I was beginning my research into replacing my windows and adding siding to my 62-year-old house. I liked him from the start – and honestly was tempted to look no further, but due diligence is key for a project of this size and cost. So I met with the other big companies that are advertised on TV and was not impressed. They do not do the work themselves, they contract the work out to someone else. I did not want that. I wanted to know who was doing the work on my house. These representatives were just the sales people selling the services and not doing the actual work and providing a lesser product. No thank you! I had seen Jeremy’s portfolio of work and was very impressed, his employees do the work, and after reading 26 positive reviews on ******* ****, I was certain that Jeremy was the guy for me. And he did not disappoint. His customer service is exceptional. We have all had our experiences with contractors. They don’t show up on time, you cannot reach them and it’s very frustrating. You call Jeremy, he answers. You text, he calls you right away. He checked in every day of my project. The windows and siding were delivered on time. We thought we’d have an issue with the delivery as I have a very narrow driveway and the siding was to be placed on my lawn by a big machine which barely fit. Jeremy was ready to grab a few men and do it by hand if necessary. No hesitation, this is what they will do. The delivery was fine in the end. The work began on time throughout the entire project. The windows were done in one day – I have 19 windows. The trim for the windows was just perfect. The attention to detail was amazing. The siding project began immediately following the windows; again, Vlad and Victor arrived on time and got so much accomplished each and every day. I was a bit freaked out when Jeremy called to tell me that the sill of the house (in the back) was destroyed by termites. However, he assured me it would be taken care of and it was, it was replaced. They see a problem, they fix it and keep going. Every detail is important. For example, the attic vent matches the color of the siding as does the frame surrounding the outside outlet and vent for my dryer. We got new gutters and downspouts and they put in a new roof on the small porch in the front. Basically, everything from the roof down is new and beautiful. The project is now complete and my home is stunning. Sensible Home Products will do all my future projects. They put pride in their work and their work is perfection. This isn’t about making money, it’s about making the homeowner happy. I am ridiculously happy. Thank you Jeremy, Vlad and Victor.

Jeanne B.

Reviewed on Better Business Bureau

I was enlisted by my mom and 4 siblings to hire a contractor to reside my mom’s 50 yr old home. After interviewing 5 companies, I went with Sensible Home Products because Jeremy’s knowledge and attention to detail was evident. A crew was on the job 2 days after signing contract and worked diligently and to finish the job in a very timely fashion! The guys were polite, hardworking, and did a beautiful job! The Work area was cleaned up at the end of the day and Jeremy showed up everyday to manage the job. He was very conscious of our budget and went above and beyond to stick to it while doing a quality job. I can’t say enough good things about the experience with Sensible Home Products!

Pat L.

Reviewed on Better Business Bureau

Professional. Courteous. Integrity. Three words that come to mind after working with Sensible Home Products to reside my house this past winter. At the beginning of the year, my home was struck by a drunk driver. It is a blessing that neither the driver nor anyone else was killed or injured. However, the vehicle strike to the corner of the house required the replacement of all the siding, gutters and downspouts. Insurance appraisers for the driver’s and my home owner’s insurance companies came and went. I began to research building codes and siding companies. I finalized my research and set appointments with five companies. I knew what my insurance company had given me for the job so I began the meetings. Being self-employed, I understand the process of selling not only your product but also your business, a part of you. No appointment was going to be a quick 5-minute look around the property and hand me a quote meeting, yet I scheduled an entire day of appointments. I had had appointments with several companies: a no show, no call and no I won’t reschedule with your company; arrive smelling of alcohol so I know the employees will be drinking on the job, on my property, no thank you; incomplete job quotes which leave room for increases beyond the budget number given, yeah no; job quotes one and one half to two times the budget number given, again, no;. My time is valuable and so is everyone else’s. No phone call to say you can’t keep the appointment shows you don’t value your potential customer. Arriving for an appointment smelling of alcohol is completely unprofessional. There’s no respect for the potential customer. I get that construction comes with surprises, but a built in 1 ½ to 2 times the budget number given before-hand causes me to be suspicious. Sensible Home Products was next. I believe it was Zig Zi**** who said when you do the right thing, good things come to you. I was returning home for the appointment when the radiator hose on the car split in ********* **, 20 minutes away from my home and 45 minutes before the appointment with Sensible Home Products. I had made arrangements for the car repair and to be on time for the appointment. I began to call Jeremy from Sensible Home Products but he was already on the phone calling me. He was able to meet earlier than scheduled and was confirming I was home. Jeremy gave a brief overview of his company and asked if he could be at my house in 15 minutes. I mentioned the car problem and asked to keep the original appointment time, 45 minutes later. Jeremy switched from pitching the job to asking if I needed a tow, did I have triple A? My response was I did not have triple A. His next response was to tell me he would find his membership card and call for me. Yes, Jeremy went from selling his business to what can I do to help you? After several calls, the appointment was rescheduled for the following day. Jeremy arrived on time and prepared to look at the property and present a quote. He was very professional and straight-forward. He explained the product (Prodigy Insulated siding) the company used, why they used it and why they didn’t use anything else. He walked around the house, measured and gave me a job quote. I had made the decision to go with Sensible Home Products not after the appointment and receiving the quote but when Jeremy stopped selling his business and went out of his way to help me with my towing dilemma. Jeremy didn’t reschedule the appointment and hang up the phone; he made the decision to help without measuring it against the bottom line. It all said integrity to me. After answering a few questions for my clarification, my husband & I signed the contract and mailed it out. A week later, once the insurance check cleared, we sent the deposit. Winter weather hadn’t really happened before January, so the plan was to start the job within a week of receiving the deposit check. But nature and weather patterns can cause havoc with any outside home improvement or renovation at any time of the year! Rather than ignore the customer until the weather cleared, Jeremy was on the phone keeping me informed of the new projected start date. Weather continued to cause problems, but I was never left guessing about the start time of our job. Finally, a break came in the weather and scheduling. All the colors on the quote were double checked, location of products and dumpster were communicated and, the most important detail, the project start date. The crew members for Sensible Home Products were extremely professional. They took the time to answer any questions either my husband or I asked them. Nothing, absolutely nothing, was left on the ground each day they were able to work. Yes, weather caused delays more than once. Jeremy called to keep me updated each and every time. The compliments started as soon as the windows were framed and wrapped. Everyone thought we had new windows installed. The high quality work was noticed with just that part of the house completed. The quality of the siding is visibly superior to anything else around our home. Jeremy had told me that we would notice how the siding would help maintain the heat during the winter and the air conditioning during the summer, the house was only partially sided and a major snow storm came through the state. We heat our home with a pellet stove and noticed immediately how much of a difference the siding made with heat retention. The last time we had a storm like that we had to run the pellet stove at its highest plus use our woodstove. This storm we only used the pellet stove at the midpoint setting. With the house finished, it looks brand new. Friends are driving by to look at the finished product. The compliments continue to be expressed. The house looks so good my neighbors are taking notice and sprucing up their properties.

Anne Marie B.

Reviewed on Better Business Bureau

I couldn’t be happier with the work that Sensible Home Products did on my home. I’ll begin by saying I’m a perfectionist and work in the construction industry as a Project Manager. I hire (and fire) contractors for a living and expect a lot of contractors who are involved on my projects. I called up and met with over 7 contractors when it was time to do my siding and roofing job. I saw everything, from the 2 hour-long presentation to a 2 minute walk around and estimate on a scrap piece of paper. When I met Jeremy (the owner) I knew immediately he was a top contender for the work. Jeremy is polite, courteous and very knowledgeable about his trade. From talking with him and looking at his pictures and driving by his previous jobs, its obvious he takes extreme pride in the work he does. He sat with my wife and I, showed us his work and explained the different products he works with. I was very impressed with the way he does his window trim, I haven’t seen anything like it from all of the contractors I met with and with the type of siding he uses. The Prodigy siding is an amazing product, insulated, ridged and nicely textured. No one else offered a product close to that. His estimate was spot on. It was no where near as high as the dog and pony show contractor and fairly priced above the fly by night napkin estimate we got from the low end guy. After I finished meeting with all of the contractors on my list, it was a no brainer, Jeremy was our guy. When it was time to sign the contract, I put Jeremy through his paces. My home is 80 years old with may quirky add-ons. I made sure he was able to explain how he would perform the work in certain tricky areas and nothing stumped him, he really is a problem solver. We signed on the dotted line positive we were receiving the best work at the best price. When Sensible Home Products showed up to start my work, all of the plants around my house were protected and my yard was kept very clean for a construction zone. Upon beginning to strip my roof, it was revealed that there were 3 layers of shingles, rather than the 2 I had thought. Jeremy’s guys had to work twice as hard and had to order a second dumpster. Jeremy took on the added cost…Amazing! No contractor does that for their customers! The roof was completed quickly and professionally and looks incredible. After the roof was done, Jeremy’s crew began stripping the siding. Jeremy himself and his lead guy Andrew actually went around filling gaps in my old board sheathing with insulation, I never even asked for that! Jeremy was just going above and beyond, I was very impressed! The siding was the bulk of the job. With 25 windows and 3 exterior doors to trim out, the detail work was critical and painstaking. Just like me, Jeremy is a stickler for the details and was on site everyday making sure his guys got it right. Any concerns I had were addressed immediately and professionally. I can’t be more sincere when I say that out of all of the contractors I have worked with, both at work and for my home, Jeremy was the best hands down. By the end working with Jeremy and seeing him everyday became like working with a friend. He is a great guy with a huge heart and genuinely cares about making sure his customer is beyond satisfied with the work he performs on their homes. I will definitely hire Sensible Home Products again if need be and have recommended them to all of my friends and family.

Steve B.

Reviewed on Better Business Bureau

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